Planning and Support of Solid and Liquid Waste Management Projects


Recognizing that new rational and efficient water and waste management technologies are now a global challenge, the company has made it a benchmark for the provision of advisory services in this area. The extensive experience, specialized knowledge and interdisciplinary character of all executives and partners guarantee high quality services and an integrated approach and tackling of the issues concerned.

The investigation of methods of rational and sustainable waste management is a major issue, with emphasis on recycling and recovery of materials and energy in general. The company also operates in the siting, design and operation control of landfill sites, processing straining arising and protection of the aquifer.

In this context, the following services provided by the Company are included:

• Development of wastelands’ rehabilitation studies, landfills’ operation studies, etc.

• Elaboration of Waste and Biowaste Management Plans.

• Support of Projects for Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs).