Development and Application of Informatics Projects and New Technologies - Geoinformatics


The Company has experience and expertise in the development and implementation of IT projects and new technologies in enterprises and organizations of both the public and private sector. In this context it provides comprehensive IT consulting services including analysis and strategic planning of information systems, the selection of suitable hardware and software for each case, and the proper management needed for successful implementation of IT projects.

The activities of the Company, in relation to the provision of advisory services for IT projects and new technologies - Geoinformatics include:

• Analysis of needs and requirements of IT projects & Geoinformatics

• Management of resources, mapping, spatial analysis database, GIS development and adaptation, training, support

• Study and strategic planning of information & Geoinformation systems

• Supervision and monitoring proper execution of IT projects

• Procedures for transition of a body to new information systems

• Check and ensuring of compatibility between existing and new information systems

• Know-how transfer, best practices and presentations of technological issues

• Requirements assurance (efficiency, scalability, security) of hardware and software systems

• Selection of appropriate technologies and solutions based on specific requirements, needs and available resources

• Specialized technical advice

• IT project management