Consulting services to Public Sector Bodies


Management Services to Co-financed operations (studies, works, supplies)

The Company has extensive experience in providing counselling support to Public Sector Bodies (Regions, Municipalities, etc.), particularly in matters of Administrative and Technical Support on Integrated Management of co-financed Acts, as Management Consultant.

The management of Co-financed Projects requires specialized expertise on issues related to the Regulatory Framework, implementation of administrative processes, both for the maturation and design of the individual phases and Subprojects, and the support during their implementation, applying scheduling techniques, project management systems, special software for the management, scheduling and supervision of projects, etc.

In particular, the company undertakes:

- Tracking of development projects and assessment of institutional, technical and administrative maturity.

- Completion of financing dossiers, feasibility studies, licensing, etc.

- Presentation and promotion of the file for approval of funding as well as support of the file before the responsible bodies.

- Provision of managerial and administrative support services.

- Provision of specialised consulting services on specific issues concerning co-financed projects.

- Services of project implementation programming (Project Management).


Other Consulting Services

The Company has expertise in providing integrated consulting services on the development of Operational Programmes of Local Administration Bodies, the development of individual organizational plans and the development of Quality Management Systems (eg ISO 9001) and Management Capacity.